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Mecklenburg County continues to boom with economic and commercial activity, with the city of Charlotte having all the advantages of one of the most rapidly growing metropolitans areas in the nation. Whether you are a family looking to relocate, or a business building your headquarters in Charlotte, you will benefit from the area’s strong economic growth, high quality of life, and centralized location. You’ll also have the area’s experienced construction services organizations (who practice the newest and most efficient techniques,) easy access to raw materials, and a large number of workable days at your disposal. The bottom line for you is quality construction at a comparably low cost.

Housing Values - The median value of owner-occupied housing units in Mecklenburg County increased by nearly 83% between 1990 and 2003, to $159,097. The range of these changes was considerable, from a decline in several tracts to increases of over 150% in several northern and southern areas.

The Charlotte Apartment Association reports that Mecklenburg County contained 73,914 apartment units in March 2003, with an 11% vacancy rate. Rents varied according to location, ranging from an average of $1,137 in the downtown area to a low of $514 per month in the area on the northeast side of the center city.

Mecklenburg County is also a leading North Carolina tourist destination. The region also enjoys a national reputation as a great place to live and conduct business. Travelers are pleased to discover quality entertainment and variety of leisure activities.


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